Book The Present
Liu Xiaodong | Ren Han | Song Xiaoke | La maison de Z
Book the present


18 Rue Chapon,
Paris, 75003 

Métro: Arts et Métiers (lines 3,11)

7min walk from Pompidou Centre



Opening Hours


08/12 2023 - 13/01 2024



le Samedi 09/12 2023 14h-19h


Open from Tuesday to Saturday

11:00 — 19:00


Close on Sunday and Monday


 This is an exhibition about books.


Three artists and an independent publisher will be invited to interpret the concept of the book from different dimensions: Ren Han uses the book as a support for creation; Liu Xiaodong's paintings have the book as a key theme; Song Xiaoke uses the book as a form of creation; and La maison de Z brings some limited edition publications, in which the artist combines his or her own work and recreates it in the form of a book.


December is the month for giving presents, and books can be a great present. On the other hand, book can also be a  perfect medium for recording the "present".





邀请了三位艺术家和一家独立出版社,从不同的维度,诠释了书的概念。Ren Han将书作为创作的载体;Liu Xiaodong的绘画中,书是一个关键的主题;Song Xiaoke则将书作为创作的形式;La maison de Z带来的限量出版物,是艺术家结合自己的作品,用书的形式来进行再创作的画本。




Untitled(Roller #1), 38x24x18cm, carved on old books, 2022

Untitled(Roller #1)
carved on old books, 2022