Wang Yao | You pass me by like a stranger


18 Rue Chapon,
Paris, 75003 

Metro: Arts et Métiers (lines 3,11)

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03/02-25/03 2023



le vendredi 10/02 2023 à 18h


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11:00 — 19:00


Close on Sunday and Monday




You pass me by like a stranger



This exhibition gives us some scenes of people living with dogs, the artist herself has dogs, and there must be some 'stories' or 'accidents' involved. Wang Yao is very good at capturing the details of these stories, and has precisely cut into the points where the emotions between human and dog are related, portraying subtle expressions and movements, creating some witty and harmonious images. These works offer perspectives - the dog's perspective, the child's perspective, the family's perspective, the artist's perspective - that blend together to create a new dimension of observation. You can hardly judge correctly the emotional connection between a human and a dog, before you actually own a dog, or, before it owns you. We need this dimension of observation in order to experi- ence this new mode of 'relationship'.


Like when we read Camus's L'Étranger, in which we experience the rela- tionship between people and dog. In it he depicts a very tense relation- ship between man and dog, in which man and dog pull each other to and fro, often on the pavement "you stare at me, I stare at you, the dog is afraid, the man is hated." I read a survey that said that more novelists and artists had cats than dogs, saying that it was because they liked solitude, and that compared to the kind of relationship Camus described, cats seemed quieter and less bothered by you, unlike dogs, which had to be around people, and artists and novelists probably didn't like to be disturbed by others. I don't know if Camus ever had a dog, but he's only talking about one side here. Dogs are around people most of the time, and when they are not, they play in their own world, lazing, relaxing and relaxing alone, outside the 'outskirts' of human relationships, just as Wang Yao's work depicts.


Shiba Inus are a bit in between, like cats and dogs, so they seem to be able to have their own 'solitude' on the one hand, while 'pulling hard' with humans on the other, which is the two sides of Wang Yao's series. We have seen many Shiba Inus "pulling and tugging" with their owners on the road, but we can also see him here, quietly.



I'm a dog lover, I'm a cheese lover 80x80cm
I'm a dog lover, I'm a cheese lover 80x80cm
ARTISTE | 艺术家 
Wang Yao | 王瑶
Wang Yao (b.1986) 


2015-2016 DNSEP Diplômé de l’ESADHaR Ecole supérieure d'art & design le havre / Rouen
01-07/2015 ERASMUS Académie royale des beaux-arts de Bruxelles 2013-2014 DNAP Diplômé de l’ ESADHaR Ecole supérieure d'art & design le havre / Rouen

2006-2011 Diplômé de l’Ecole des beaux-arts du Sichuan Chine



12/2021 Exposition collective《Déjà vu》Galerie Nouchine Pahlevan, Paris 12/2019 Exposition collective Prix Emilios Coikidis, peinture, Paris
06/2017 Biennale Mulhouse 2017 la jeune création dans l’art contemporain, installation, Mulhouse

04/2017 Exposition collective 31e RDV des jeunes plasticiens, installation, Saint-Raphaël
11/2016 Exposition collective《Prenez soin de nous》sculpture, Rouen 06/2016 Exposition collective sculpture, Ecole supérieure d'art & design le havre / Rouen

03/2016 Exposition collective 《Et la tendresse, bordel 》sculpture, Rouen 06/2015 Exposition collective sculpture, Académie royale des beaux-arts de Bruxelles