ART Fair | Asianow 2021 - “今日亚洲”当代艺博会

ART Fair | Asianow 2021 - 今日亚洲当代艺博会



 This year ZETO ART would cooperate with Luo Bonian Art Foundation to launch a curated project  "SYMBIOSE "


The exhibition is focused on two aspects. One is to show people’s thinking under Covid-19 which has been around for nearly two years. The other is to echo the theme of Asianow,  "Art of living on a damaged planet ". Nowadays, the society has been highly developed, and under this circumstance, human has been principle to domesticate animals and plants for a really long time. As Max Weber said, through the ages, what people are familiar with is  "‘selfish gene ", and people do not need to cooperate. This idea is silly and fragile especially when people are in the disaster. Actually, as a part of nature, people have  "natural characteristic ", which has been ignored for thousands of years, and this natural characteristic would become the key for people to propagate the race during the catastrophic.


How people could survive on ruins is a vital topic.  "SYMBIOSE "means  "commensalism ", which presents kind of harmony to live together. With works of several artists, we aim to discuss people’s  "original perception ", show to people that human and nature could touch each other, and express that human should take "commensalism " as a way to expand inherent  "spheric "at the same time. To realize "SYMBIOSE", weakening humanity and exploring a symbiotic relationship in nature are needed.

In works of Wu Mengyuan, body and nature are both medium. She has broken the traditional empiricism, and tries to take use of artificial methods to achieve the effect of artificial removal. Photography works of Wu Mengyuan put human, still things and active things into a same framework, and under this framework, there is no domesticating and being domesticated. Kang Kun's "body" sculptures are monologue of his own, but a kind of remarkable wildness of nature could be found in these humanized bodies. Xu Bacheng disintegrates the body to explore the metaphorical value of human behavior. His serie of "revelation" takes human loneliness as a communication window, and this disintegrated form negates the dominant value of human from a perspective. His current solo exhibition at the Shanghai Minsheng Museum, which is called ‘The Image of Eternal Life’, discusses the nature of the life cycle and expresses that the awakening of human individual consciousness is a return to the origin. It is worth to mention that works of Luo Bonian would be exhibited, who is the founder of Chinese modern photography. In his works, human beings are just ornaments in a landscape full of Chinese still life paintings. Each of these artists holds an unique perspective, and all of them try to explore the encounter and symbiosis between human and objects. in a world where human and non-human coexist.






今年,ZETO ART 与骆伯年艺术基金会合作,推出策展项目“SYMBIOSE”


展览的主题是基于过去的两年时间,人类所遭遇的这一场灾难后的一种思考和审视,同时,它也呼应了Asianow今年Art of living on a damaged planet的主题。如今,人类社会高度发达,在很长的一段时间内,人类作为驯化的主体,对自然界的动物,植物进行驯化。正如Max Weber说的那样,长久以来,人类所熟悉的是自私的基因,不需要合作者。这一愚蠢而危险的的想法在遭遇变故时不堪一击。但人类作为自然的一部分,拥有绝对的自然属性,这一点千百年来被人忽略。而当我们遭遇灭世的灾难时,这一点自然属性又成为人类物种得以延续的重要因素。




Wu Mengyuan的作品里,身体与自然都是媒介,打破传统的经验主义,通过一种人工化的手法,达到了去人工化的效果。Xu Maoxiong的摄影作品借由一种特殊的手法,把人,静物,动物,放置在同样的框架之中,没有驯化与被驯化的关系。Kang Kun创作的身体雕塑,是他自我的独白,但我们慢慢的都发现,这些人类化的身体,具备显著的自然野性。Xu Bacheng拆解了身体,探索人类行为的隐喻价值,他的启示系列,把人的孤独作为抒发的窗口,这种割裂的形态从另一个角度否定了人类的主导价值。他正在上海民生现在博物馆的个展永生之象表现了对生命轮回本质的探讨,人类个体意识的觉醒实质上是回归本源。这些艺术家的角度各异,在人与非人共存的世界里,探讨着人与物的相遇与共生。


展位 B110


9 Avenue Hoche,
Paris, 75008 

Metro: Charles-de-Gaulle-Etoile (lines 1, 6, RER A) or Courcelles (line 2) 
Bus:  30, 31, 43, 84, 93
Parking: Hoche-Saint-Honoré (18 Hoche Ave, 75008)

or Hôtel du Collectionneur (57 rue de Courcelles 75008)

5mins by car from FIAC

4min walk from Paris Internationale


Opening Hours

Tuesday, October 21th

14am-6pm : VIP and Press Preview

6pm-8pm: Vernissage







Friday , October 22th

11am-8pm : Open to public





Saturday , October 23th

11am-8pm : Open to public





Sunday , October 24th

11am-6pm : Open to public






Séries de Bleu_ résine 3, polyuréthane, fourrure synthétique aiguilles et fils, chacun  49x34x30cm
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